How to Play Sakong over the Internet

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Sakong has become a common phrase in today’s gambling or online betting activities, and the gaming mechanism in this game will be different from earlier games. Fans of the card game should try their luck with this lucky game. Before joining, media play is still the key draw. Based on the various card games accessible, such as Capsa Susun and Sakong online gambler, you can easily enjoy and choose what they want and need. Gamblers who wish to play Situs pkv games will not get hampered by distance or capital and will get the best outcomes possible.

Playing Instructions

Sakong online gambling game, established by the online Situs pkv games, is a game that is still relatively new in the field of online gambling in Indonesia. It is a fast-paced game; each round takes only 25 seconds to determine whether you win or lose.

It is notable for awarding a bonus jackpot to any player who survives one round. To qualify for the jackpot bonus, you must wager money on each round of the game.

Sakong Rules for the Jackpot

3 US Cards – If you acquire 3 US cards, you will win the jackpot at your preferred game room table. If you play as a player, you will get rewarded three times as much as the dealer, and if you play as a dealer, you will undoubtedly devour all player bets because your card is the highest number one card in the game Sakong.

3 Q Cards – in the game Sakong, 3 Q cards are the highest number 3 cards; if you put the jackpot, you will receive a jackpot bonus of 400 thousand rupiahs. If you are a player, you will get rewarded double your bet plus a bonus of 400 thousand from the game if you put the jackpot.

3J Cards – if you get 3J cards and install the jackpot, you will receive a bonus of 300,000 rupiahs. When you join the game and obtain three pieces of the J card, you will be rewarded twice as much as the city, provided that the city card is not higher than yours.

3 Cards 10 – if you acquire three cards worth ten while playing, you can win a jackpot bonus of 200 thousand rupiahs by putting the jackpot. If the dealer card is not higher than yours, you will get paid twice; but, if you become a dealer, you win all bets placed by players if the player card is not higher than the dealer card.

3 Image Cards – you can obtain a reward of double the dealer’s stake price when you sign up as a player, as long as the dealer’s card isn’t higher than yours.


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