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yuno zoidberg you were the choosen one you have no power here you got anymore of them you keep using this word you are the real mvp you are the man you dont say yo mama yoda knows you are not wrong you are just an asshole wise confucius wise gandalf xzibit wiking will pherrell what did you say what year is it what if i told you why vengence dad weird stuff i do welcome to hogwarts unhelpful highschool teacher unpopular puffin drunk baby too damn high troll face thinking dog the day was a good day things are getting serious the riddler thats my secret that would be great the darkside suspicious dog sudden clearance technology duck success cat success kid successful mexican stupid girlfriend suburban mom stupid guy stoner dog stop it stupid frog spongebob imagination slow poke spongebob shut up and take my money shouting zoidberg sims logic senior student sexual piccard sexual advice girl scumbag steve scumbag santa scumbag parents scumbag body scumbag dna scumbag brain sad tiger sceptical third world kid say it again sam revenge bear sad face sad panda rage face reeding cat resandful mother rafiki the wise please zoidberg politically correct redneck philosoraptor piccard pissed tobey maguire oprah you get a car paranoid parrot patrick old men kid one does not simply opinion polar bear obi wan kenobi old farmer old guy advice noir dog none sexual girl not sure nikola tesla news mom misunderstood guy native american mean girl minnesota problems minor mistake marvin little girl manly man masturbating spiderman leame pun coon liam neeson lie detector lazy sloth kill yourself lazy student kermet the frog keanu reeves wondering kid wins the internet joker losing mind just wondering karate kyle jesus jealous husky internet noob its a trap im not even mad thats awesome insanity wolf internet husband i was told i would be so happy idiot girl i dont always i have a dream i just wait here high expectation asia father hipster i also liked live dangerously awkward penguin helpful taylor durden awkward cuple hagrid happy kid grind my gears grumpy cat gordon ramsay grandma finds the internet good guy teacher goog guy greg goog guy canada good guy parents good guy boss good guy jesus fuck me right good dog greg good girl greg fresh college kid forrest gump first world problems forever alone forgetful fish dory fact frog first world metal problems fat bastard extreme photogenic guy face palm facebook girl epic jacky chan evil kid evil raccoon doctor evil doctor house engineering professor disaster girl doctor evil quote do you want ants cool ski instructor dating site murderer dancing third world kid confused gandalf confused randy college liberal confession bear confession kid college liberal girl college cat cat chill allan chillout lemur captain hintsight carl spackler carl winslow calming panda butthurt dweller buzz and woody brace yourselfs business baby business cat boyfriend blackjack bender boyfriend problems bill murray billy mays bane bad luck brian badman slapping bad bane bad guy boss bad joke bachelor of rock bad advice alcohol back in my day baby godfather awkward moment baby wolf austin powers awesome awkward penguin awesome penguin annoying childhood friend anti joke chicken are you a wizard angry walter angry advice duck angry wolf ancient aliens guy and its gone and then i said amateur photographer all the things american eagle aint nobody got time for that all the fucks i give advice duck advice god advice grandpa 90s problems actual advice duck advice dog 60s girl

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